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Doors wide open - LGBTQIA+ affirming

When we swing our doors wide open on Sunday morning, we open not only the doors but our hearts to everyone!  The picture to the left is from Transgender Remembrance Day where we put the names of all the trans people who died of violent causes in the past year. It was a time of prayer - for the trans community, the families, and a more peaceful, loving world.

We reach out to bring people in. All y'all!

Giving to bring living...

On thing we know is that there is enough. Sometimes that enough is, well, trapped in our closet until we decide to release it.  With this project we are able to help in more than one way. We are donating clothing and household items bringing affordability. Funds from the thrift stores of Austin Pets Alive will then support the many fur babies that are looking for their fur-ever homes!

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