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How God Moves

Martha Iglehart

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Jul 2



Unity Church Glimmers Blog:

How God Moves

by Martha Iglehart, Spirit Writer

Poppies blooming

Growing up in the Baptist Church, I remember the old saints saying, “God can’t do no more for you than he can do through you!” I understand that now. God uses us to do his work. Mother Nature does God’s work, too.

Flowers in bloom, decorate the countryside in bold and beautiful colors. They can be so thick and plentiful…That’s how God moves.

A hard fractured heart melts into warmth and compassion at the perfect time to show love when it’s needed…That’s how God moves.

A long-fought war comes to an end…That’s how God moves.

A deep-felt quickening inside me signals to me I need to reach out to someone. I do … and their response is … you don’t know how much I needed that … That’s how God Moves.

When an outdoor family gathering is threatened by rainstorms…the sun shines instead, and all is well. That’s how GOD moves.

I take a leap of faith, with no sense of safety… and everything turns out perfectly fine…That’s how God moves.

GOD moves are unpredictable, yet they are orderly, life-giving, problem-solving, and loving.

During the total eclipse on the 8th of April, I was childlike, watching how God’s creation came into such perfect alignment to demonstrate divine order in his work. I was and still am in awe of the magnificence of such a mind-blowing event as the total eclipse…That’s how GOD moves.

When GOD moves…It’s all in divine order!

Martha Iglehart is a member of Spiritual Journey Writers, a ministry of Unity Church of Austin

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