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Unity Church Austin is a progressive, metaphysical Christian church. We welcome everyone and honor the spiritual paths of all. We follow the teachings of Jesus and utilize them for life applicable experiences that foster love, acceptance and encouragement for ourselves and all. This is a great space to share our vision and values, and how we aim to make a positive impact in the community.


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Sept 7 - Michael Gott Concert

Sept 11 & 12 - World Day of Prayer

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We have created playlists that includes meditation, Sunday Message, and songs that will lift you up!


Practice generosity and share in the many ways we support our community both at church and beyond. Your generosity allows us to fulfill our mission of providing encouraging spiritual support to children, youth and adults. And we move beyond that to helping others outside our church building through service to others.  Thank you!

Divine Love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that i am, all that i have, all that i give and all that i receive. thank you father, mother, god.


Thanks for connecting with us!

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